When my kids were little, I would protect them from bad dreams, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts by spraying a few sprinkles of my magical potion around their beds, under their beds, in their closets, and all about their rooms at bed time. It was really just a plastic bottle filled with water, but it seemed to work every time. As they got older, the magic spray didn’t hold as much power, so the kids stopped believing in it …it couldn’t fix bad days, mean people, heart ache and heart breaks, frustrations, or insecurities…but just as when they were little, I wanted them to feel safe and to know that they were protected.
I wanted desperately to touch their hurts and hang ups, in a truly physical sense…it was instinctual, it was non- verbal…and so, I would lay my hands where it hurt… headaches, head. Tummy ache, tummy. Growing pains, legs and knees. Anger, frustration, lashing out- I would lay my hands on their chest near their heart but mostly to find the rhythym of their breath. Through my hands I would breathe into them prayers, good intentions, and love. Through my hands I would extract their pain…sometimes it was pressure light or heavy, sometimes a tapping, sometimes a light tickle, and sometimes for those places and spaces very hard to reach- I wouldn’t need to touch them at all. I would just place my hands near them, around them…Sometimes they would drift off into sleep and other times they would fall sedate and deeply relaxed until our breathing fell nearly in sync ❤ Primitive energy healing perhaps, but my kids called it Sprinkles. And to this day, all 4 of my adult aged kids, my hubby, family, friends, patients and occasionally strangers- still receive Sprinkles…sometimes they ask for it and sometimes it’s gifted unknowingly<3